Opening in the Stuttgart Liederhalle

Saturday 7 September 2019

5 pm Lecture, followed by
7:30 pm Eurythmy performance by students from the Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School, Stuttgart

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08:30 amTuning into the theme of the day: SoulTuning into the theme of the day: SpiritTuning into the theme of the day: Body
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7:00 pmConcert in the Liederhalle
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There will be more than 50 workshops on a wide range of themes relating to schools and pre-schools, based on The Foundations of Human Experience and led by well-known presenters. Each workshop continues during its time slot across the three days.

Each lecture will be repeated. It is possible either to attend the lecture first and then a workshop or vice versa.

The forums offer lively open round-table discussions on digitalization, new pedagogical forms, the international school movement, etc. Alternatively, you can attend a workshop or a film followed by a round-table discussion.

A firm booking is required for the conference as a whole and for each individual event.

It all begins with being human

The future

we will face many critical questions, profound mysteries, and difficult challenges. A common element in the crucial relations between human beings and technology, between human beings and nature, and in questions regarding a social and just society, is that in all these areas, our responses and our possible solutions to the problems we face are closely connected to our own self-image, to our understanding of the human condition, and thus to our humanity.

A broadly-based understanding that human beings possess physical, soul and spiritual dimensions has always been at the foundation of Waldorf pedagogy. This understanding has been a primary source for all teaching as an instrument for creating a living methodology and for supporting each pupil's individual development. It continually needs to be creatively renewed for the sake of our ongoing pedagogical work and for us to become fully aware of the possibilities and potentials of our pupils. This leads to the question: How can our work on the “Foundations of Human Experience” foster fruitful educational impulses in the 21st century?

The Stuttgart International Conference 2019, »It all begins with being human,« will approach these questions creatively within the broad context of Waldorf education world-wide and with a view of the coming decades of the 21st century. We warmly invite you to join with teachers and educators from all over the world who want to actively address and share responsibility for these questions, which are fundamental to both Waldorf education and for humanity and thus to strive together for

for the future development of Waldorf education.  

This conference is an initiative of the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, the Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School and the Federation of German Schools, in conjunction with the International Conference of Waldorf Schools (Hague Circle).

  • The conference will focus on Rudolf Steiner's »The Foundations of Human Experience«
    (a.k.a. »The Study of Man«).
  • More information can be found at
    The final programme will be posted on this website at a later date.
  • Registration will begin online in April, 2019.


Online registration from April 2019
Further information from our public relations officer, Petra Plützer

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