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International Masters Programme

We are happy to announce that we are planning the 8th fully accredited Master of Arts Programme for Steiner School class- and subject teachers taught in English to commence in September 2025 and conclude in December 2026. It is wonderful and enriching to observe and participate in international relations developing in a Waldorf context here on our campus in Stuttgart.

This course of studies is a variant of our master's degree course class teacher* in Waldorf Schools.

Postgraduate Academic Studies

In a full-time course of studies, core elements of Anthroposophy, pedagogical anthropology, child and adolescent psychology and subject methodology are combined with an intensive artistic training in music, speech, Eurythmy, drama, clowning, painting, drawing and sculpting. In conjunction with practical experience gained in internships, this training thus offers extensive possibilities for teacher's personal and professional development.

A further key element is an extensive training in the methodology and didactics of one's chosen subject. The course is a graduate course and is concluded with a Master's Thesis written and presented in English.

Chas from the United States: 
After years of teaching in a traditional American public school, I made the tough choice to leave my position in search of a full time graduate program that would allow me to grow both professionally and as a human being. The International Master’s Program at the Freie Hochschule did that and so much more. My experience there was of world-class professors, a rigorous balance of art and theory, and opportunities to collaborate and become lifelong friends with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Rosie from the UK:
The international course prepared me for the unpredictable challenges of being a Waldorf teacher through a diverse theoretical and practical program. The diversity of the seminar‘s teachers was just as important as the variety of subjects, each with their individual way of working with compassion, creativity and courage. It was very inspiring to meet aspiring teachers from across the world and to share this, frankly life changing, experience with them. The Freie Hochschule Stuttgart is a core source of energy for a powerful and fragile international movement. 

David from New Zealand:
The International Masters in Stuttgart was like food for my soul. For me, the truth of reality was explored in a magical way. The resources and support from both students and teachers was world-class and truly made to feel at home. I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking to develop spiritually and meet amazing people.

Paridhi from India:
The International Masters course provides exposure to Waldorf Pedagogy from a worldview because of highly experienced mentors with varied perspectives and backgrounds, who help us delve deeper and find answers for ourselves. The unique part about the course is the possibility of mingling and exchange with people from different countries.

Katherine from the Philippines:
The whole course and its processes helped me reflect, re-evaluate, confront, and re-frame my knowledge and practice of Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy; it provided me a safe space to un-learn, re-learn, and learn what I need to become better personally and professionally; and it deepened my appreciation and commitment to the existence of Waldorf Education and its mission to the world.

Mohsen Ali from India:
Over 18 months, the International Masters does its best to gently yet surely chisel and crave every student teacher into not only a future Waldorf teacher but also a better Human being. One can easily expect to meet very experienced and genuinely helpful teachers and a whole bunch of wonderful class mates from all over the world. The warmth and openness with which the course receives its student is truly remarkable making it a great place for any aspiring Waldorf teacher to be in.