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English Masters for Waldorf Teachers


September 2021


Master of Arts


€ 16.000,–



Length of the course

full-time; 18 months


There are possibilities of scholarships depending on need

Expertise in Subject Areas

Currently, studies in teaching Foreign Languages, Handicrafts, Gardening, Physical Education, and Music are possible, provided we have five or more applicants per subject.

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor's Degree or the equivalent in aa field related to education and/or a school subject. Many subjects are suitable - please ask us.

Faculty for the International Masters Programme

Michaela Escher (Painting), Prof.Dr. Edwin Hübner (Media Pedagogy), Prof. Roland Halfen (Art Observation, Art History),Prof. Matthias Jeuken (Eurythmie) Katharina DelBagno (Music), Prof. Dr. Peter Lutzker (Anthroposophy, Pedagogical Anthropology), Michael Neu (Physical Education), Prof. Stephan Ronner (Music), Prof.Dr. Albrecht Schad (Zoology), Prof. Georg Schumacher (Sculpture), Iris Taggert (Methodology), Prof. Dr. Tomáš Zdrazil (Anthroposophy, Pedagogical Anthropology, Methodology)

as well as many internationally well known and leading figures in Waldorf education such as

Christof Wiechert (Child Development and Child Psychology), Claus Peter Röh (Anthroposophy), Florian Osswald (Anthroposophy), Dr. Michaela Glöckler (Diagnositics), Dr. Martyn Rawson (Anthroposophy, Curriculum), Sven Saar (Anthroposophy, Methodology), Christian Breme (Study of Human Relations), Renatus Derbidge (Botany), William Forward (Anthroposophy)Trevor Mepham (Anthroposophy, Methodology), Dr. Markus Osterrieder (Cultural History), Norbert Dolderer (Methodology), Sabine Brues (Child Observation), Gunther Gebhard (Chemistry) Catherine Bryden (Clowning), Robert McNeear (Theatre), Michal Ben-Shalom (Anthroposophy, Didactics and Methodology), Tessa Westlake (creative speach)

Die Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, wo vor mehr als 100 Jahren die Waldorfpädagogik entstand

Die Freie Hochschule

Studieren und forschen am Puls der Zeit an der Freien Hochschule Stuttgart, wo vor mehr als 100 Jahren die Waldorfpädagogik entstand.

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